Would a team of personal style consultants be helpful right about now? We construct a team based on your goals and service you privately at our west loop Studio, your home or office.  Intake begins with a 1-hour image coaching session.  We confirm your personal brand, identify your communication strengths and customize and action plan for your personal enhancement.

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Your personal team of  experts may include wardrobe consultants, hair and makeup or speech experts that customize solutions to meet your enhancement goals. 

Meet The Image Studios team of experts!

Speech Enhancement

We all need to seriously consider the role of Speech in our lives. Is your speech helping you to move forward or is it holding you back? Both, what you say and how you say it have great impact on the way you will be perceived in today’s marketplace.

Research shows that quality communication and “people skills” account for an 85% success factor when an individual moves forward in their career. The Image Studios is dedicated to improving communication in a relaxed and controlled manner. We work with vocal and speech issues, including: instruction in public speaking, accent modification, overcoming stage fright, stuttering, and lisping. The goal for each client is to obtain their voice of success: a confident, controlled, comfortable, and professional sound.

We welcome you to a brand new world of Vocal Image and Speech Enhancement.

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Wardrobe Services

What you wear affects how you feel and how well you do your job, no matter what your job is! The Image Studios Wardrobe Stylists customize programs to enhance and simplify wardrobes. We coach organizations employees on appropriate attire, and we create clean on-screen images for television and film.

Fashion and Wardrobe services include, but are not limited to, Consultations, Personal Shopping, Closet Assessment and Organization, Color Analysis, and Body Type Analysis. We do provide customized services to meet our clients’ needs.

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Does your body require a special fit? Correct fit and proportion are essential to a refined look. After a wardrobe assessment you will know exactly which styles to avoid and which to perfect. Have your clothes altered by our expert tailors to give them a custom made look.

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Hair & Makeup Solutions

The Image Studios’ Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists are among the best in the country.  We utilize computer imaging tools to customize your new look – risk free, and provide you with the skills to recreate the look everyday.

Whether you need a personal tutorial, or you’re preparing for print or TV appearances,  our services are available on location and at The Image Studios.

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