TIS Client Testimonials

Read what clients have to say about The Image Studios:

“The Image Studios gave me a competitive advantage during the 2008 Recession! The $5000 I spent with you lead to a $150,000 a year job. Now that’s a great ROI !” – Product Innovation Expert, Arkansas.

“My speaking engagements have increased exponentially since working with The Image Studios.” – University Professor, Chicago

“I truly didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at the Studios, but I knew it was going to be good. It is great!” – Individual Client, Chicago, IL

“Our Inroads interns are bright, eager, hard working. . . but success often depends on first impressions. The Image Studios gave them the confidence to function in this new environment.” – SVP, Human Resources, Kraft Foods Global Supply Chain

“Working with The Image Studios, I was able to strike the right balance between corporate expectations and my own personal expression.” – President, Kraft Foods North American Beverage Sector

“Our receptionist was a great employee and wonderful on the phone. We felt that by having her work with The Image Studios, she would be able to project the same professional and client-focused impression when clients came into our offices. We have been delighted with the results . . . and I think she has too.” – Attorney, Chicago, Il

“At first I had to work through my resistance; you know, defending who I was, not wanting to let go of the picture I had of myself. . .and then I realized this wasn’t about creating a new me; it was about showing the world the real ‘me.’” – Individual Client, Chicago, IL

“I did not realize what a rut I had gotten into and how comfortable I was being there. Thanks for your assistance and guidance on my [new] look!” – President, Whitley County Economic Development Corporation

“The Image Studios is the experience that I had been waiting for and never thought I could find. From start to finish the experience is professional, prompt and totally personalized to meet my needs.” – Attorney, Chicago, Illinois

“I have engaged The Image Studios to assist me with wardrobe issues on a number of occasions and have been thrilled with the results each and every time. My closet is filled with great clothes in colors and styles that complement me and my lifestyle.” – Attorney, Barrington, IL

“My attitude has changed and I have more confidence than I’ve had in a long time. All I needed was a boost and a plan to dress for success with what I have instead of getting frustrated that I cannot fit into a particular style. Thanks for the help!” – Graduate Student, Chicago, IL

“It was great to walk through things step by step….an in-depth consult, body analysis, color analysis, discussing how to make a “module” of clothing, what cuts and styles work for my body type….it was the best investment I could have made because in the long run this will save me money!” – Chiropractor, Chicago IL

“Many thanks to The Image Studios; it’s worth the airline ticket! – Diplomat, Washington, D.C

“…Because of all your tips and suggestions, I can’t wait to go shopping again! My shopping will definitely be more focused now.” – Benefits Administrator, Oak Park, IL

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