You work hard for your clothes.

Isn’t it about time your clothes really worked for you?


Take your look to a new level with Wardrobe Therapy from The Image Studios. Treat yourself or a friend to the gift of expert advice on making the most of your wardrobe.

Here’s How it Works:Woman Holding Dollars - Isolated

  • Bring your wardrobe challenge to Wardrobe Therapy and our
    Image Studios “Wardrobe Therapists” will work it out!
  • Your personal stylist will provide you with expert advice on clothing
    that flatters your frame while at the same time reflects your unique
    personal style.
  • With an assessment of garments from your closet, virtual
    shopping trips, exacting tailoring and styling, you’ll attain a clear vision
    of what to wear while putting a fine polish on your visual identity!

Your Wardrobe Therapy personal stylist will provide:

  • A color analysis and proportion advice
  • Identification of your personal style
  • A review of garments from your closet
  • Virtual shopping trips
  • Tailoring of new and current garments*
  • In-person personal styling sessions

Business Outfit

FIVE SESSIONS: $1375        TEN SESSIONS: $2750

* Shopping budget and tailoring fees are not included

Wardrobe Therapy Sessions also  available via SKYPE®