On a budget? No problem; tailoring does not have to cost a fortune. You can turn a pair of baggy pants into your favorite fitting slack for a mere $12, just by having the waist taken in. An alternate choice to buying new pieces or a whole new wardrobe is having your existing wardrobe perfected.

Here is a sampling of some solutions a few alterations can provide.

  • Pants too tight? – Letting out a seam can provide an extra 1-2 inches throughout the waist and inseam so you can keep your favorite pants in your closet.
  • Is your favorite blouse ill fitting and boxy? – Adding darts can create a whole new visual presentation by appearing taller and slimmer.
  • Love your skirt, but hate the pockets? – Removing or closing the pockets can give an old garment new life and a smoother silhouette.
  • Figured out that pant pleats are not the most flattering for your figure? – Pleats can add bulk and shorten the legs; stitching them shut erases this effect.
  • Perfect colored jacket, but a poor fit? – Have the sides tapered in or waist cinched on your jacket or blazer to give a closer fit and the illusion of a custom made garment.
  • Pants too short? – Letting out the hem can offer an extra inch or two, providing a longer, leaner, leg.