Do you have problems  articulating certain words?

Do you often have to repeat yourself in order to be understood?

Do you feel that your speech may be an impediment to your success?



If you anwsered yes to any of the questions above, then The Image Studios Dialect and Speech Enhancement Program is the solution for you. The Image Studios speech-language pathologist uses training methods based on acoustic phonetic sciences coupled with real-time visual feedback tool (Palatometer) to effectively improve diction. The Palatometer is real-time visual tool, which allows the display on a computer screen of real-time tongue to roof of mouth contact.

The Images Studios Dialect and speech Enchancement Program offers fifteen 1-hour sessions; which can be scheduled at any interval that suits the client’s needs. These sessions are designed to improve key elements of proper speech:

  • Speech patterns improvement
  • Dialect modification improvement
  • Pitch and modulation improvement

Be understood with an investment of as little as $1,500.

Download PFD on Speech Enhancement

Meet Speech and Language Pathologist Arnell A. Brady