INVESTMENT: Starting at $6500

The Ambassador Branding Program is designed for senior executives and business owners who want to kick their personal power and influence into overdrive. This program offers the most comprehensive tier of service. It starts with the Personal Branding Session, ends with you living your brand to the fullest and covers everything in between. Unlimited branding-support is included, which maximizes accountability and helps you stay focused and on track.

This is the only program that also includes digital branding so that your online presence is fully aligned with your personal brand.

When you invest in yourself with the best we have to offer, you’ll have access to a myriad of personal branding services and support.

Your Ambassador Branding Program may include the following executive presence and visibility boosters:

• Personal Branding Session
• Ambassador Branding Assessment
• Web Presence Assessment & Monitoring
• Comprehensive Wardrobe Enhancement
• Hair & Makeup/Grooming Enhancement
• Image Building Tools & Resources
• Professional Photo Shoot and Headshots
• Fully Cataloged Digital Wardrobe + Wardrobe Styling Tool


INVESTMENT: Starting at $4,000

If executive presence has been a barrier, it no longer will be: You are on the cusp of achieving optimal results in your career and personal life and the Deluxe Personal Brand Enhancement program is for you!  This is our most popular brand enhancement program.  It gives you the ultimate competitive edge by first unlocking your most confident, powerful self; and then enhancing your visual identity so that  you authentically project your brand to the world.

Once you have completed the Deluxe Program, you’ll be primed and ready to land that new esteemed role or secure your rightful position in the emerging, high-potential leader pipeline.

Your Deluxe Personal Branding program may include the following leadership presence + visibility boosters:

• Personal Branding Session
• Comprehensive Visibility Assessment + Enhancement
• Image & Communication Coaching
• Image Building Tools & Resources
• Fully Cataloged Digital Wardrobe + Wardrobe Styling Tool