Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Jayda has actively pursued her personal styling passion for nearly a half decade. She realized how much she loved fashion when she often played dress-up in her mothers vintage closet. Although she has a strong influence from the 60’s, Jayda’s appeal is intertwining the elements of decades, fabrics, price ranges, and colors to produce a cutting edge look. “Labels are limiting,my top concern is to dress my clients with beautiful clothes that make them look their best” Jayda comments. Jayda’s versatile thinking coincides with her work as she styles for editorial, media, advertising,and celebrities. Known as ‘the stylist with a keen eye for color’, Jayda also brings her talents to the professional person at The Image Studios through their personal shopping/styling services.

Jayda’s relationship with The Image Studios began years ago when she rescued Kali, the company founder, from a shopping emergency. At the time, Jadya was working as a personal shopper at Marshall Fields, but Kali had a hunch that their paths would cross again. Jayda shares that “being a part of The Image Studios’ team gives me the chance to apply my fashion background to busy executives. ”

Through personal shopping, Jayda gives each of her clients individualized attention. Her goal is to perfect their distinctive style or create the revitalized look that makes them feel anew. She incorporates intelligent problem solving with all matters that may arise. Be it presenting ready-to-wear, custom tailoring great pieces, her clients always look picturesque.