About The Image Studios’ Internships…

o Duration of 10 weeks or longer

o Spring, minimum of 12 hrs/wk required; Summer, minimum of 20 hrs/wk required

o All internships are unpaid and can be completed for university credit

o On-site or Remote internship positions available 

o Your major, skills, and desired focus determine each intern’s Portfolio Project

o All interns are required to tend to general office duties

o Interns gain valuable and relevant experience, while working across the alliance between The Image Studios (TIS) and Modet, Inc.

 We are currently recruiting students majoring in…

 o Business

o Marketing

o Advertising

o Graphic Design

o Communications

o Public Relations

o Entrepreneurship

o Management

o Fashion Design and Merchandising

o Computer Science

We require…

 o Experience in Client Relations

o Strong attention to detail

o Aptly able to multi-task

o Deadline oriented

o Pleasant and professional voice

o Proficient skill in Microsoft Office Suite

o Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Creative-track individuals)

o Strong skill in Webinar and Web Conference Tools (Business-track individuals)