Here’s what our interns have to say about working with The Image Studios…

The Image Studios has taught me how to grow into a professional woman. What I found most valuable by interning with The Image Studios is that the employees trust their interns by giving them a project that will express their skill and creativity. By the end of my internship, I was ready to take on more responsibility with the company.

–Katie Daly, Former Intern and student at Eastern Illinois University


My experience at The Image Studios went very well. Specifically, my job was to be the graphic designer – everything from creating a simple letterhead and flyer to creating and marketing a book. In my term, it has been a relief that this experience has been abundantly beneficial for both my education and my profession. It is an experience that words cannot express, but my resume will.

Kevin Carrera, Former Intern and student at DePaul University


I only interned for an 8-week period, but in those 8 weeks I learned so much. It is an awesome experience and connection to have! This internship will definitely benefit me in the future!

–Chelsea McInctyre, Former Intern and student at Illinois State University


Working with The Image Studios has given me a chance to learn more than I ever could have imagined. It has given me real insight as to how a small business functions. I have received more than just another listing on my résumé out of this experience!

-Caitlin Mee, Former TIS Intern and student at DePaul University


I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to spend my summer at The Image Studios. My internship also lead to a job with their strategic alliance partner, Modet, Inc.

-Ameena Payne, Former Intern and student at Illinois Institute of Technology


In the short time I have been interning at The Image Studios I have learned so much not only about the company, but about myself. With the help of Kali during an image coaching session I learned more about how I am perceived by people and how I need to communicate with others to be understood.

-Rachel Neumeyer, Former Intern and student at DePaul University