From the moment she could dress herself Caitlin has had a love for fashion. Her appreciation for artful self-expression is complimented by her degrees in Textiles, Apparel, and Dance. Her career started early at the Chicago Merchandise Mart and The Image Studios. Her passion gained a world view when her career led her abroad to London, England and Milan, Italy. This is where Caitlin discovered fashion as a true art form. She gained an appreciation for editorial styling and the story you can tell with clothing. Caitlin states, “I believe fashion really defines and creates the statement that says who you are. That’s the beauty of fashion; your visual image tells the world a little or a lot about who you are. Your style allows you to completely re-invent yourself  – never dull, always new!”
As a stylist, Caitlin loves educating clients and creating personal styles. “At The Image Studios I have found that as much as I love fashion and creating looks for myself, I love the challenge of styling for others even more. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing I have helped bring out the best in our clients by guiding them toward clothing that is not only practical and versatile but perfectly suited to their individual needs.” Caitlin brings a creative, fun, and edgy sense of style to her work. “I love transforming the expected into something unexpected. My favorite thing right now is pairing opposites- whether is combat boots and floral dresses or colored suits with neutral underpinnings- I’m always drawn to styling with a twist.” Caitlin appreciates each and every style, from soft and feminine, to bold and modern Caitlin thrives on executing exactly what your style calls for.
Caitlin currently lives and works in Chicago.