The Image Studios’ Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists are among the best in the country.  We utilize computer imaging tools to customize your new look – risk free, and provide you with the skills to recreate the look everyday.

Whether you need a personal tutorial, or you’re preparing for print or TV appearances,  our services are available on location and at The Image Studios.  We offer the below hair and make-up solutions.

  • Hair Consultations & Styling
  • Hair Maintenance Tutorial
  • Hair Color Services
  • Hair Texurizing Services
  • Makeup Consultation & Application
  • Men’s Skin & Facial Hair Services

Please see hair and makeup service descriptions below

                                                                      Hair Consultation
Often you’ve wondered, “Is this the right thing for me to do with my hair?” During the HairCare consultation, a TIS HairCare consultant will gather information about your HairCare history and objectives. She will work with you to determine what styles and haircare systems best compliment your features and match your lifestyle needs. Whatever your current HairCare challenges are, a consultation is the beginning and perhaps the end, to finding a long-term solution.


Maintenance Tutorial
It’s trying to do it at home that’s the kicker! TIS is committed to making you self-sufficient at maintaining the look you want between professional services. Whether you need help with the morning blow-dry, or the bedtime roller-set; we are there to help. Our HairCare Consultants will support you whenever and whereever you need assistance. We will recommend products and equipment for you to use at home, so that you can spend less time frustrated and more time looking GREAT!

Color Services
Oh NO! What have I done? There’s almost nothing that cannot be undone. Our HairCare Consultant specializes in color emergencies. Even if there is no crisis at all, we can enhance your hair color. It will look better than you ever imagined.

Re-Texturizing Services
If only it was a little less curly here, and a little more curly there! We can manufacture the hair texture that you want. No two heads of hair are the same, so The Image Studios customizes chemical services to give your hair the look and feel you need. If your lifestyle dictates that your hair be anything other than its natural texture, let us help you get there.

Highly Textured HairCare
You can do ANYTHING…with naturally curly hair. Let our Braid Stylist/Loctician help you start and maintain your Braids, Locs or Twists. Scalpbraids or Cornrows are possible in a variety of designs. For styling flexibility, you may add extensions to most selections. Be BOLD enjoy your natural hair!

                                                                     Makeup Consultation

Never exactly sure what colors to use? Glossy lip or matte lip? Blush, bronzer, or both? This session charts your face with specific detail. Helping you select the most flattering colors, while teaching you how to apply them. Bring your makeup bag to this session and learn new ways to use the things you currently have. And don’t forget to write a shopping list of things you must have!

Makeup Applications
Black tie event? Audition? First Date? Company party? Treat yourself to an expert, long-wearing makeup application. No minimum cosmetic purchase required, just a picture perfect look!

Men’s Skin & Facial Hair Consultation
This session helps identify a healthy skin care regimen and select a facial-hair style that’s just right for you.