Arnell Brady is an ASHA certified Speech/Language Pathologist specializing in Speech Improvement, Accent Reduction, and Voice Modification. Mr. Brady holds a bachelors degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Saint Xavier College and a masters in Speech and Language Pathology from Northwestern University.

Passionate about his field, Arnell has been a Staff Speech-Language pathologist at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Medical Center, Saint Joseph Hospital, Provident Hospital of Cook County, and the Autism Society of America. He is also the Owner and Director of one of Illinois’ finest comprehensive Speech/Language Pathology Clinics which specialize in communication disorders and swallowing problems in both children and adults

Mr. Brady has helped train actors and other professionals in the use of accents and dialects for dramatic purposes. Whether you need help reducing your accent for international business dealings, have a speech impediment, or just want to improve your speaking voice and presence, Mr. Brady can instruct you.