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There is a saying in politics that “All politics is local.”  As it relates to branding, “All branding is personal.”  Even though it seems that Personal Branding is everywhere these days, it has taken some time to understand what exactly it is and understand its impact.

At first blush, personal branding can seem individualistic or maybe even a bit narcissistic.  The truth is quite the contrary.   Every employee, customer, vendor and advocate has a greater capacity to reinforce or undermine a brand than the most elegant marketing campaign.  Ultimately a “brand” is a feeling and human beings are, by far, the best brand ambassadors.

Each of us is a brand ambassador for ourselves and  the groups or organizations that we are associated with.  You are an ambassador for your family, your company, your profession, alma mater, religion…and the list goes on.  Your brand plays an important role in the success of these groups as well as in your own ability to achieve your goals.  That’s why it is critical to put strategic intention behind what you want that brand to be and what you want to share, give, and communicate to the world!

Personal branding is about ambassadorship, not self-promotion.  Many of our greatest achievements we do for, or in collaboration with, others.  Personal branding is both the art and science of  influence.  Here at The Image Studios we are in the business of reminding and empowering:  Reminding individuals that how they look, sound and behave matters because they wave many flags every moment they share with another; and empowering individuals to align their visual, vocal and behavioral communication with their intentions.  It is our pleasure to join you on your journey to brand ambassadorship – because we are, in fact, in this together!

Now let’s get to it…